Fence installation instructions

 Fence installation instructions

1. Before the fence is installed, the lower foundation of brickwork or concrete pouring is usually formed in civil buildings. The fence can be fixed in the center of the lower foundation through mechanical expansion bolts, chemical screw inspection, etc.

2. If the lower foundation of the fence has not been formed, it is recommended to increase the length of the column steel lining and directly embed it in the wall. After the wall maintenance period, formal construction can be started, or the prefabricated embedded parts can be placed on the wall before the column steel is installed, and the lining board is welded to the embedded parts by electric welding. You must pay attention to straight and horizontal lines when presetting. Generally, these two methods are stronger than the bolt connection method.

3. In order to ensure that the pre-assembled semi-finished products can be connected, the spacing of the column steel lining must be consistent with the design size.

4. The straight line effect of the guardrail determines its aesthetic effect, so the straightness of the guardrail must be ensured when installing, and the upper and lower parallel lines can be pulled within the entire range of the straight line distance for installation and adjustment.

5. The level of the guardrail and the rigid steel liner have been installed and connected before leaving the factory, and the reinforcement fittings for each bearing point have also been installed in place. During on-site construction, only the horizontal lining of the guardrail and the column need to be connected and fixed.

 Road isolation fence

1. Generally, road isolation barriers are assembled in advance before leaving the factory, and are assembled according to the order requirements. Therefore, after being transported to the site, the steel lining of each column can be directly inserted into the stable base, and then enclosing as required .

2. After completing the basic layout, use special bolts to correctly connect each part of the guardrail.

3. Use internal expansion bolts to fix the stable base and the ground on the ground, which can effectively improve the wind resistance of the guardrail or prevent malicious movement.

4. If the user needs, the reflector can be fixedly installed on the top of the guardrail

Stair guardrail

1. Refer to the column fixing method of “Enclosure Guardrail”, and ground the steel liner of the column.

2. Pull a parallel line protractor at the upper and lower ends of each column to measure the upper and lower included angle.

3. Choose connectors according to angle requirements, and assemble guardrails according to angle requirements.

4. The installation of guardrails and pillars should refer to the practice of isolating guardrails.

The PVC isolation shore guardrail product has a smooth surface, delicate touch, bright color, high strength, good toughness, and anti-aging test for up to 50 years. It is a high-quality PVC guardrail product. When used at a temperature of -50°C to 70°C, it will not fade, crack or become brittle. It uses high-grade PVC as the appearance and steel pipe as the lining, which perfectly combines the elegant and beautiful appearance with the tough internal quality.

Protective fence moulds made of cement and concrete are generally used in cities. Protective fence moulds are often used on both sides of railways, highways, bridges, etc. The use steps of the protective fence mold are generally matched, including pillars, hats, protective fences, various screws, etc. The height of the pillars is mostly 1.8m, 2.2m. A single protective fence mold can be used for more than 100 times. When used, they are made separately. Some workers produce prefabricated blocks for fences, some workers produce prefabricated blocks for columns, and the remaining workers produce stand caps.

Scenic Greening Fence For the cement and brick foundation, first drill holes on the foundation with an electric drill, then fix it with expansion bolts, and then fix the column. The expansion screws of the flange-type fixed column need to bring your own screws.

Scenic Green Fence The height of pvc lawn fence is 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, which can be customized to divide the greening form of space and region.

Under normal circumstances, it is not allowed and not advocated, but the application of this technology can greatly extend the construction period of greening, improve the quality of the project, meet the needs of people’s production and life, and meet the needs of urbanization development.

In order to improve the efficiency of landscaping work, promote the effect of urban greening, and implement the sustainable development strategy, we must pay attention to the improvement of construction technology and construction technology, and we must strengthen the scientific nature of landscaping work planning.

Take scientific and reasonable measures to manage landscaping projects. For landscaping projects, the influencing factors are not only natural ecological conditions, such as climate, soil, hydrology, topography, etc.

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