What is the difference between PVC fence and other fences?

PVC fences can be seen everywhere, and they play an important role in beautifying urban construction (such as public parks and communities). Some villas with gardens will also install PVC fences in the garden for decoration. 

Wooden fence

(1) The paint on the wooden guardrail is easy to peel off, which not only affects the appearance, but is also prone to corrosion and mold.

(2) Wood is easy to dry and crack, and water penetrates into the cracks to rot easily.

(3) Although the product is low in price, it needs to be maintained throughout the year and the cost is relatively high.

Wrought iron fence

(1) Metal is quite special. This material is easy to rust, and pig iron castings are brittle, easy to break, and have poor impact resistance.

(2) Like the wooden guardrail, the paint is easy to fall off, requiring long-term maintenance, and the maintenance cost is relatively high.

(3) Despite the traditional simplicity, it lacks warmth.

(4) Inconvenient installation and maintenance.

Stainless steel guardrail

(1) The connector is not ideal, the welding strength is usually not high, it is easy to fall off and affect the firmness.

(2) Due to the thickness of the wall, it is easy to deform and twist after being impacted.

(3) Smoothness is easy to lose, which affects appearance and aesthetics.

(4) The price is not cheap and the maintenance is inconvenient.

PVC fence

(1) The PVC guardrail uses a kind of PVC material, which is non-polluting and has strong corrosion resistance, making the guardrail durable and free from fading, peeling, peeling, cracking, and peeling.

(2) The connection method of PVC guardrail is to use socket connectors, and important parts such as the columns and cross bars are lined with galvanized steel, which is more secure.

(3) The aesthetics of PVC guardrail is relatively good, which can add color to the city and bring us a better living environment.

(4) The installation of PVC guardrails is more convenient, simple and quick, and has a long time of use, but the price is not high. 

Maintenance method of PVC fence

1. Because PVC guardrails are used outdoors, PVC guardrails must have a certain degree of moisture resistance, so that PVC guardrails will not be affected by air humidity.

2. Although the anti-corrosion ability of PVC guardrail is relatively strong, if it rains all the time, it is likely to weaken its anti-corrosion ability. Therefore, after the rain, we need to maintain it and try to reduce its acidity and alkalinity. Direct chemical contact.

3. The PVC guardrail needs to be cleaned and dusted regularly to avoid affecting the appearance. If the environmental pollution is serious, we can also perform deep cleaning on it.

In addition to being beautiful, the PVC lawn guardrail can also serve as a warning to prevent passers-by from accidentally entering the garden and stepping on the green belt.

PVC fence

Post time: Oct-11-2021