How about pvc exterior wall siding

How about pvc exterior wall siding:

1. Excellent physical and chemical properties: PVC exterior wall siding has good toughness, nail resistance and external impact resistance. It can be arbitrarily cut and bent according to different engineering design and process requirements, and will not be brittle. It is not easy to be cracked and scratched, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and water vapor erosion, low thermal conductivity and self-extinguishing flame retardant.

2. The installation of pvc exterior wall siding is relatively simple, with good energy saving and high comprehensive benefits: the installation process of PVC exterior wall siding is simple and fast, fully dry operation, firm and reliable, saving labor and time, shortening the construction period, and greatly reducing the installation time. cost. The inner layer of the hanging board can be very convenient to install the wall insulation material, so that the outer wall insulation effect is very good. It is especially suitable for the renovation of old walls. No matter whether the old wall is brick or paint, it can be directly applied on the old wall.


3. The visual effect is complete: the appearance of the PVC exterior wall siding adopts the imitation wood texture design, which has a simple and natural beauty, and has a variety of different colors and texture designs. The PVC exterior wall series hanging boards can be used in combination with other high-quality exterior wall decoration materials, such as cultural stone, decorative bricks and other materials with different textures. They can be used in different parts to form an ingenious and varied style combination. Leave a deep visual enjoyment.

4. Anti-aging, excellent weather resistance, long service life: PVC exterior wall siding adopts special composite material composed of high-efficiency and long-term anti-ultraviolet stabilizer, which is anti-aging and anti-radiation, and can resist various harsh climates. Under the influence of various natural weathering, it can be as new for a long time, eliminating the trouble of scraping, mottled and falling off, repainting and refurbishing, so that your maintenance will be done once and for all, and the service life can reach more than 30 years.

PVC exterior wall siding overcomes the shortcomings of traditional building planes and the frequent and complex lines of exterior wall tiles. It has many functions and performances that exterior wall tiles and coatings do not have.

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Post time: Aug-03-2022