Fencing-major surges in sourcing and months-long lead times for installation.

Similar to lumber, fencing availability has also taken a major hit over the past year. Sky high demand for fencing materials and fence installation services coupled with limited availability and supply chain challenges have led to major surges in sourcing and months-long lead times for installation.

 With so many Americans at home more than usual over the last year — and often spending less than they would in a typical year on things like travel, entertainment, and dining out — homeowners quickly prioritized privacy, making sizeable investments in home improvement projects like fencing to ensure they could spend extra time at home while keeping their kids, pets, and themselves safe on their property.

 On the platform, our data shows substantial spikes for a variety of different fence materials. For example, wood fence demand has grown 274% over the past year. Searches for chain link fencing, which is also often used on construction sites and for other infrastructure projects, have increased 153% percent year over year. Sourcing for iron and steel fences, which are typically more expensive than other fencing materials, has grown by 400% over 2020 figures. And finally, the category with the biggest demand spike is actually vinyl fencing, the low maintenance and durability of which has helped the fencing option to become quite popular over the past few years. Sourcing for vinyl fencing is up 450% percent year over year and up 206% percent over Q1 figures.



Post time: Dec-09-2021