Exterior wall decoration hanging board

It is mainly used for the decoration surface layer of clubs, etc., and can be used for internal decoration such as pipes and equipment. The price of materials is relatively cheaper. Used for outdoor decoration is also called building decoration, pipes, equipment and other equipment. Because the quality of the main material is not as good as the metal siding, the siding is expensive, so a large number of exterior wall decoration siding samples on the market flood the market. The market price of exterior wall decorative panels depends on the type and price of materials.

The general price of manual hanging line is between 200-250 rmb, and the wall tile is 15-20 rmb per square meter, about 180-250 rmb. Take our common 200×200 (usable area) peg board*** main price in terms of the main price, this is more popular, you can let novices find more decoration methods, let’s take a look. 2. How much is the exterior wall decoration hanging board? The exterior wall decoration hanging board is also called the finished hanging board. It is made of quartz sand, which is mainly fireproof and moisture-proof. Its main component is water, which is mainly divided into two types: cement and fly ash. Cement itself is easy to be acid-base and has good stability. It is mainly used for decoration.

Cement has better performance than rock wool, so it is widely used in various decoration constructions. Quartz sandstone wool is a new type of thermal insulation stone surface material, both in terms of region and construction technology, it has excellent stability, can be adjusted and used in a large range, and has excellent seismic resistance It is a safe and new type of lightweight insulation material. The price of the sheet is much cheaper than that of rock wool. Therefore, it is mainly used in the construction of ceiling decoration. The market price of quartz sand stone facing is relatively cheap, and it is easy to make the facade effect. So, how can this kind of hanging board be realized? According to its function, it can be divided into decorative quartz sand hanging board and decorative glass hanging board. Generally speaking, the decorative quartz sand pegboard has a higher-end surface and a harder texture. However, the decorative glass hanging board is safer to use due to its cost advantage, general quality, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to break when exposed to water and requires high construction and maintenance. If you do not pay attention to protection, it is easy to explode or break. In the actual project, if the construction is carried out according to the quartz sand hanging slab in one day, a great cost will be incurred.

This kind of production cost can be recovered in about one day, and other labor costs can be recovered in three days. In order to maintain the overall performance for a long time, the construction has to make the low quality of the product a large cost. Therefore, it will be affected during the construction process. Therefore, it is also suitable for the applicable area of ​​exterior wall decoration construction.

Third, the design requirements of hanging panels. Because there are many types of hanging panels, there are pure wood, aluminum gussets, and wooden siding panels. The characteristics of these products are that the aluminum alloy siding panels included in all products are relatively low-priced, according to performance requirements. Choosing the profile you need will be more advantageous, and the production process of the siding is also very simple, and the process is relatively cheap, but with the passage of time, the production of the siding is becoming more and more complicated, so we are choosing the siding At the time, the main choice can be made according to the specific needs of the home decoration needs. Because the price of hanging panels cannot be high, some people want to save money. If there is no hanging, because the decorative panels are easy to split in the home decoration, it is a natural choice, so you need to ask professional personnel to hang and process.

Post time: Jun-16-2021