Composite Fences and Decks

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When building a new deck or fence, the best choice is to use composite materials

With the rising cost of wood, more homeowners are considering building their decks and fences from composite materials, but others are less sure because they believe some of the most common myths about vinyl that keep them from making the right choice.

“We warn people that wood is wood. You would never take your dining room set and put it outside for one night, but you put your fence outside every night for 20 years,”  who has been building fences and decks for 44 years. “It cracks. It splits. The knotholes fall out. With vinyl, it’s still going to look the same as the day you bought it in 20 years, but with wood, it won’t.”

Because of vinyl’s longevity, Fence-All offers a lifetime guarantee for its PVC fences, which come in a wide variety of styles and colours.

When it comes to decks, Fence-All uses cellular PVC that can be cut and worked with like real wood. The company even has a fully-equipped workshop that lets them cut and shape the material for more intricate jobs like pergolas and other garden structures.

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If you’re unsure about replacing a wood fence or deck with composite materials, We have debunked some of the most common myths that might be giving you pause:

Myth #1: PVC is more expensive than wood

Before the pandemic, the price difference between real wood and a wood replacement would have been substantial, but the gap has shrunk considerably. While the up-front cost of vinyl is higher than wood, when you factor in the cost of periodically staining wood and the fact that it weathers and has to be replaced sooner, wood is not the bargain that many homeowners think it is.

Myth #2: PVC fades over time

Advances in material science have made vinyl even more resistant to fading than ever before. Vinyl fences and decks may lose a bit of colour over the long term, but it’s nothing compared to an unstained fence or deck, which will go grey in a short time, or stained wood, which only keeps its colour for a few years.

Myth #3: PVC looks fake

PVC will never be confused for real wood, but new products on the market today do a good job of mimicking the natural materials used for fences and decks and have the added benefit of being maintenance-free.

Myth #4: Wood is stronger than PVC

With repeated exposure to the elements, wood breaks down and weakens over time. Vinyl will degrade much more slowly and maintain its strength for many years more than the best-treated woods ever can, which is why our PVC fences have a lifetime warranty.


Post time: Oct-20-2021