China’s PVC profile doors and windows production has entered a transitional period

China's PVC profile doors and windows production has entered a transitional period

It has been half a century since the world's first PVC plastic doors and windows came out in the Federal Republic of Germany in 1959. This kind of synthetic material PVC as raw material has excellent mechanical properties, weather resistance (ultraviolet resistance) and flame retardancy. , Light weight, long life span, convenient production and installation, low maintenance, and low price, etc., have made great progress in developed countries. The domestic PVC profiled door and window industry has also experienced 30 years of development. From the introduction period and rapid development period, it has now entered a transition period.


In the "Eleventh Five-Year" plan, China clearly put forward the goal of reducing energy consumption across the country by more than 20%. According to survey data released by relevant departments, China's building energy consumption currently accounts for 40% of total energy consumption, ranking first among all types of energy consumption, of which 46% is lost through doors and windows. Therefore, building energy conservation has become an important measure to reduce energy consumption, which has attracted more people's attention, and it is also one of the driving forces for the rapid development of the domestic plastic door and window industry. With the support of the national "energy saving and emission reduction" policy, the domestic market demand application reached more than 4300kt in 2007, the actual output accounted for about 1/2 of the production capacity (including 2000kt inferior products), the export volume was nearly 100kt, and the annual consumption of PVC resin About 3500kt or more, accounting for more than 40% of my country's total PVC resin output. By the end of 2008, there were more than 10,000 profile production lines in China, with a production capacity of more than 8,000kt, and more than 10,000 production enterprises. In 2008, the market share of my country's plastic doors and windows in newly built residential buildings in cities and towns has reached more than 50%. At the same time, the safety and environmental protection issues of plastic doors and windows have also received people's attention as energy conservation.

Post time: Jan-12-2021