Characteristics of PVC exterior wall hanging board PVC

Characteristics of PVC exterior wall hanging board PVC

exterior wall hanging boards are mainly suitable for the decoration of indoor and outdoor walls, sheds, and eaves. Its physical and chemical properties are those of PVC sheets. Relevant technical indicators refer to GB/T88 Its physical and chemical properties are those of PVC sheets. The relevant technical indicators refer to GB/T8814-1998, QB/T2133-1995, Q/DAB.001-2003. 


Product feature introduction

1. Good decoration. Due to the different patterns such as imitation wood grain on the surface of the hanging boards, the colors are diverse, and the lines are clear and bright. It has a modern sense of popular European and American style. It is especially suitable for villas, apartments and old buildings.

2. Wide range of application This product is resistant to severe cold and heat, durable, anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging. The corrosion resistance of acid, alkali, salt and the opposite part is particularly good. Easy to clean (can be rinsed with water spray), maintenance-free

3. Good fire performance. This product has an oxygen index of 40, is flame retardant and self-extinguishes away from the fire, and meets the national fire protection standard B1 (GB-T8627-99).

4. High energy saving. It is very convenient to install polystyrene foam material on the inner layer of the hanging board, so that the outer wall heat preservation effect is better. The polystyrene foam material seems to put a layer of "cotton" on the house, while the external wall hanging board is the "coat", the house is warm in winter .

5. Convenient installation, low price, advanced structure, easy to install, strong and reliable. A 200 square meter villa can be installed in one day. The exterior wall hanging board project is the most labor-saving and time-saving exterior wall decoration project so far. In case of partial damage, only need to replace the new hanging plate, which is simple and quick, and easy to maintain.

6. Longer general product service life is at least 25 years, and the double-layer co-extrusion product with the surface of the American GE (General Electric) company product ASA has a service life of more than 30 years.

7. Good environmental protection. The product does not cause pollution to the environment in the production process or in engineering practice. It is an ideal environmental protection decoration instead of recycling.

8. High comprehensive benefit The installation of external wall hanging boards can greatly shorten the construction period. Especially in the renovation project of the old building's facade, it can be directly constructed without eradicating the original facade, eliminating the pollution of the original wall from the removal of the original wall, reducing garbage removal, and greatly speeding up The construction progress was completed. Due to the replacement of the construction period and the elimination of garbage removal, the project cost is also effectively reduced. 

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