What are the requirements for making pvc fences

The pvc fence block is believed to be familiar to everyone, and the streets all the world can be seen everywhere. The special fence of the subway, some fences can be advertised, I do not know if you have any attention. So, what is the process of making a pvc fence? What materials are needed? What are the requirements?


The height of the fence is generally between 2 and 12 meters. The components and flow of the column structure fence: the foundation excavation, the size of the pit base is determined by the height of the enclosure. The main structure column is poured directly into the buried and pre-buried type, and the direct burial is directly poured from the column square cage. The pre-buried type is composed of a pre-embedded part and a main body cage. The embedded part is first placed in the foundation pit for pouring, and after the solidification, the fence square cage is welded or bolted to the pre-buried steel plate. The cylinder square cage is welded and installed. Plate keel welding and galvanized sheet surface armor. Screen printing installation.


The construction site of the municipal mobile fence is generally closed management, and the fence function of the site is: dividing the construction activity area to ensure the separation of the two boundaries within the site, facilitating closed management; minimizing the interference of construction activities to the outside world; establishing a corporate image, Beautify the cityscape. 1.2 Fence setting requirements: Material: use masonry or shaped plates. (Selected according to local requirements and project type) Continuity: Fences should be set continuously along the perimeter of the site; Envelope height: the main road section should not be less than 2.5 meters, and other areas should not be less than 1.8 meters; Style: strong, stable, clean and beautiful , should have lighting decoration; health responsibility area: within 5 meters outside the fence.


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Post time: Nov-08-2021