PVC spot market price fell first and then rose in February

1. Price trends


According to data monitored by business clubs, the spot market of PVC (6389, 21.00, 0.33%) in February fell first and then rose, and the overall decline was slightly declined. On February 1st, the average domestic PVC price was 6350 yuan/ton, and the average price of 6310 yuan/ton on February 28 was 0.63%.


Second, market analysis


In February, the PVC spot market fell first and then rose, and the overall decline was slightly. At present, the spot market is tepid, and the enthusiasm of downstream and traders is not enthusiastic about picking up goods. In addition, the current real estate data is not well performed. The price of electric stones is reduced, and the raw material support is limited. As of now, the domestic PVC5-type electric stone quotation range is mostly around 6050-6550 yuan/ton.


In terms of international crude oil, on February 27, international crude oil futures closed down. The settlement price of the main contract of WTI crude oil futures in the United States is $ 75.68/barrel, a decrease of $ 0.64 or 0.8%. The settlement price of the main contract of Brent crude oil futures was US $ 82.04/barrel, a decrease of 0.78 US dollars or 0.9%.


In terms of electric stones, in February, the mainstream ex -factory prices in the Northwest region fell slightly. The price of electric stones fell from 3816.67 yuan/ton on February 1 to 3483.33 yuan/ton on February 27, a drop of 8.73%. The price at the end of the month fell 15.04%year -on -year. From the perspective of the market outlook: In mid -to -early March, the stones market may rise slightly and organize. The price of orchid charcoal upstream raw materials has recently fallen slightly, and the cost of electric stone is insufficient. However, downstream 1,4 butanol and PVC market conditions rose slightly, and downstream demand turned better. The market prediction predicts that the price of stone stones in the northwest region in mid -March may rise slightly, and it is mainly organized.


Third, the market forecast


Analyst PVC analysts in the business club believe that the PVC spot market has fallen slightly this month, and the price of upstream electric stones has been reduced, and its support is weak. In addition, the overall market confidence is insufficient, and the traders and downstream watching the mentality are heavy, and they are cautious. From the perspective of finishing, the market transaction is lighter. It is expected that the PVC spot market market in the short term will still be dominated by a small shock.

The financing environment

The financing environment of the housing enterprise is good. The People’s Bank of China and the China Banking Regulatory Commission issued a notice and decided to establish the dynamic adjustment mechanism of the first set of housing loan interest rate policy to stimulate sales, implement the asset -liability list plan improvement of high -quality housing enterprises, frequent real estate policies, and the domestic epidemic management and control are gradual. open. The latest December data of the real estate shows that under the policy of paying diplomatic relations, it has improved a lot from the previous month, but it still grows negative year -on -year.


PVC’s direct downstream operating rate is also gradually recovering, but the order volume is not good. The foundation difference is low, but before the PVC declined continuously, the spot transaction volume was continuously reduced last week.Plastic Exterior Pvc Sheets  

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Post time: Mar-03-2023