Integrated quick-release wall panel

Two recent analysis reports show that the integrated wall industry has entered a period of rapid development due to a new round of cost policy stimulus, demand recovery, overcapacity and other factors. At present, the market share of integrated wall has reached 40%, and there is still about 30% of the market space. At present, there are 570 integrated wall manufacturers established nationwide, and there are already 67 in China, with a total share of about 50%.

The national integrated wall industry sales this year is about 67.5 billion yuan, the sales profit is about 6 billion yuan, and the penetration rate is about 62%. According to data, during the “Double Eleven” period, it is expected that the sales of integrated wall panels in November will reach around 36.5 billion yuan. If this is the case, sales during the “Double Eleven” period may reach 18 billion yuan. It mainly includes board sales income, decoration income, labor costs, and self-owned capital costs. Although the cost has been increased, it has also increased a certain amount of sales profit. In the overall layout of the integrated wall industry in Chengdu, the development goal of integrated wall is to be intelligent, and it is necessary to make full use of the future mature trend brought by the new round of high profit margins. At present, there are more than 120 companies in the integrated wall covering the online market, and the company has already operated nearly 400.

In February of this year, there will be tens of thousands of companies, including CSG integrated wall panels, companies with annual sales of more than 50 billion yuan in China’s timber, corporate promoters and marketing service personnel. In addition, we expect the online and offline development speed in 2019 to reach about 30%. The facilitation of offline real estate properties is relatively fragmented and poorly specialized in the traditional 2.0 era. This has also triggered a trend of increasing demand. The scale of production of integrated walls has become larger and larger, and the number of manufacturers has increased. More and more, it affects the competitiveness of the integrated wall industry to a certain extent. As a content anchor, fans upload new news on the one hand, and participate in the development of offline experience on the other hand. The proportion of fans in the main urban area of ​​Chengdu is only about 10%, and the time of uploading fans in the main urban area has increased from more than 5,000 in 2015 to more than 5,000 in 2018 in the past 11 years, but the current growth rate of the total number It has not yet reached the scale of rapid growth, let alone developing online and offline businesses.

With the rapid development of integrated walls in Chengdu, the future supply and demand situation will also change accordingly. This year’s supply and demand situation will be more relaxed than last year. 

According to industry analysts, on the one hand, next year’s integrated wall will face the “five preparations” for launching, new products, entering the market, and arriving in stores. This is reflected in the development of the entire city of Chengdu this year, which is conducive to the continuous development and growth of Chengdu. The improvement of Chengdu’s economy has achieved the development goal of “large structure + small and medium-sized enterprises”. In addition, since the integrated wall industry in Chengdu is still in a disorderly process, production companies are indeed facing competitive pressure in sales, which will have a great impact on the supply chain and market development. As an integrated decoration industry.

When spending a busy day, the happiest thing is to enjoy personal time in the comfort of home. Many scenes of people are related to the living room. It records the trajectory of most of our actions and contains all the bits and pieces of life. The good-looking living room not only decorates the house, but is also a beautiful carrier of a comfortable lifestyle.

After natural precipitation, the texture is ever-changing. The highly sought after marble texture is undoubtedly the most reliable decoration partner for the living room background. Merrill Lynch’s integrated wall panels absorb stone textures and combine them with different materials and colors to instantly improve the quality and style of the entire living room.

Not only stone grain, but also wood grain, solid color, metal, etc., the mainstream decorative elements of modern home can be realized in one space. This is the charm endowed by Merrill Lynch integrated wall panels.

At the forefront of trendy design, based on the individual needs of a beautiful human settlement, the model and lighting system are used appropriately to break the plain wall and realize the eye-catching visual dimension. 

The integrated wall panel background wall continues the pursuit of high quality in life, and injects new expressive tension into daily life. The details show different artistic aesthetics. The concise and high-level collocation outlines the pure experience of the space-happiness and comfort, so that people in the space can let go of all fatigue.

Whenever, the decoration of the space comes not only from the aesthetic style, but also from the calm life attitude. We must design for the better life in the future and create an exquisite environment where we can calm down.

Post time: Jul-16-2021