Analysis of the weekly rise and fall of the plastics market

Analysis of the weekly rise and fall of the plastics market: After the Spring Festival holiday, the plastics market rose strongly    In this week, the plastics market has risen intensively, with individual products rising by more than 10%. Among the 8 plastic products monitored by Zhongyu Information this week, 8 products have risen, accounting for 100%. During the Spring Festival, the geopolitical situation in the Middle East tended to be tense. Cold waves swept the southern region of the United States. The severe cold weather triggered large-scale power outages and outages, resulting in a decline in output in major oil-producing regions such as Texas. Soaring all the way to above US$60/barrel, the overall commodity market operating sentiment has been supported, and the price of plastic products has also risen strongly. PVC: This week, PVC market prices continued to rise steadily before the holiday, and futures continued to rise; most manufacturers of ethylene-based PVC showed a wait-and-see situation. In terms of subregions, the mainstream price of five types in Guangzhou is 8200-8400 yuan/ton, the mainstream price of five types in Hangzhou is 7900-8050 yuan/ton; the mainstream price of five types in Shandong is 8200-8300 yuan/ton. In terms of raw materials, the ex-factory price of calcium carbide has risen sharply. According to the monitoring of Zhongyu Information, the mainstream ex-factory price in Wuhai is 3,300 yuan/ton; the mainstream ex-factory price in Ningxia is 3,350 yuan/ton; the CIF price of VCM in Southeast Asia is 1,075 dollars/ton. On the supply side, during the Spring Festival holiday, PVC manufacturers maintained a high operating rate. Manufacturers mainly issued pre-sale orders, and sales have no pressure for the time being; on the demand side, the downstream has not yet fully resumed work, and overall demand is average; internationally, some PVC installations have been closed due to cold weather in foreign countries. As a result, the external PVC supply is tight, and the quotations continue to rise. After the holiday, downstream and traders are actively stocking up, but the market wait-and-see atmosphere has increased. It is recommended to pay attention to the downstream construction situation, and the demand needs to be increased. Therefore, Zhongyu Information expects the PVC market to continue to rise in the short term.

Post time: Feb-21-2021